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Yesterday my littlest daughter (7) called me, sounding a little terrified.  In a flash my eldest daughter and I arrived in my daughter’s room.
“There’s a wasp!”  Said my littlest daughter, with fear in her voice.
When I saw the wasp I understood why, it was huge.  I told littlest daughter to stand in the passage.  I closed the wasp in the room and ran for my first weapon of defence.  Yes! You guessed it; the broom.  Rushing back I saw that eldest daughter (20) was standing there with littlest one making sure she was ok.
I took a deep breath, and opened the door.  I tried to push him out of the window with the broom. All the while, eldest daughter kept laughing and telling me that I should rather let her do it.  I must have been quite a sight running around the room chasing the wasp with…

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