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I've become my parents

Lazy parents cartoon

Son, your amazing ability to want everything you see is equaled only by your tireless commitment to not expending any energy to get it. Go figure.

I get it: you want a Bugatti. It looks cool and it goes super fast. Well, actually, it has the potential to go fast–about 5 times faster than you’ll ever be able to drive it. You’ll be lucky to ever get it out of second gear anywhere around here. Which means it’s a million and a half bucks of basic transportation from point a to point b. That’s a lot of unmet potential.

The ironic bit is that if you fail to one day own a Bugatti it will be because of unmet potential–only this time it’ll be yours–caused by your constant desire to get from point a to point b quickly without actually doing anything.

See, here’s the thing: there are three…

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