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Rumors persist that Google might announce its own smart watch any day now. To kickstart its development in this space, Google acquired smart watch startup WIMM Labs a little more than a year ago. What will Google’s watch need to succeed? Two former WIMM Labs directors tell us what they’ve learned about designing wearable devices. For more on design in a multidevice world, check out our Roadmap Conference in San Francisco starting Tuesday.

Full-length news blogs. An angry bird smaller than the tip of a pen. Some of the first third-party apps for wearable smartwatches contained popular mobile content and global app brands but miss the point entirely.

At WIMM Labs, our team developed the first independently connected wearable device, capable of distilling critical notifications from your smartphone and functioning as a discreet on-body monitor at the same time. While the module packed as many sensors, memory power and connectivity…

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