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We hear a lot about the writing process, how it’s different for everybody and how it is a process, rather than a magical one-off or a product.  I teach a lot of this in my English 1010 courses, and I’ve also enjoyed reading about it in essays for that course and in literature.  One of my favorite writing process descriptions from literature is in The Woman in White (1859), which itself is a compilation of different narratives and forms of writing that result in a complete story.  One main character, Count Fosco, writes his own confession in a torrent, throwing paper about with noisy delight.  He says, “Habits of literary composition are perfectly familiar to me.  One of the rarest of all the intellectual accomplishments that a man can possess is the grand faculty of arranging his ideas.  Immense privilege!  I possess it.  Do you?” (583).  Fosco recognizes the importance…

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