If you run applications on Amazon(S amzn) Web Services wouldn’t you love a tool that could predict when you need to add or subtract resources in advance — before you run into trouble?

Netflix(s nflx), which has built a cottage industry out of filling gaps in AWS, is at it again, touting a new predictive auto-scaling engine called Scryer that it says improves upon what Amazon Auto Scaling (AAS) does. AAS is very useful, but it watches metrics in real time and scales instances accordingly. It is less able to see a spike coming down the pike, so to speak.

Netflix says it can be more proactive with Scryer, which takes into account historical workload patterns and builds on that knowledge to scale fast. According to a Netflix blog post (quoted below in list form), Scryer is better than AAS in the following situations.

  • Rapid spike in demand: Instance startup…

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