It’s already gotten pretty dang cold here in the Windy City.  The temperatures over the last two weeks have fluctuated slightly, but to me early October felt more like mid-December than early fall.  Each week it’s getting a little colder instead of a little warmer.

There are a few things I know about myself which make me very nervous about the pending doom that will be January, February, and March 2014.  First, winter isn’t that fun once the Christmas lights are taken down.  Second, I tend to eat a lot of comfort food, drink warm beverages, and stay indoors in the winter, which isn’t so great for the waistline.  Finally, if I don’t get enough sunshine in the winter months I can get a little mopey, which is most likely a mild case of that seasonal sadness thing.  Because these three things work together to make me feel not great…

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