“A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success.” ~ Bo Bennett

The definition of rejection: To refuse to accept, have, take, recognize. We reject a million things a day. We choose one salad dressing off the shelf at the supermarket; yet the other bottles aren’t falling down in despair over it, are they? The fact is, we simply felt like Italian that day. We just weren’t diggin’ the Ranch or Balsamic. We eat our salad and our lives continue. Next time, we choose something else. Why is it then, that when someone rejects our message, our shoes, our love—that we egocentrically make it all about us? We immediately assume we aren’t good enough or didn’t do enough. 3 Must-Remembers About Rejection:

1. It’s all just opinion

Rejection, in its simplest form, is opinion about something that differs from our own. It…

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