Ever since the Wall Street Journalwrote about the rumors that Snapchat turned down a $3-billion acquisition offer from Facebook (s fb), technology and media pundits of all stripes have been busy trying to argue that the offer was a) totally justified or b) completely insane. In both arguments, the desires of teen and twenty-something users play a big role — either because they are seen as hugely valuable or because they are seen as being over-valued.

Journal tech writer Farhad Manjoo appears to fall directly into the latter camp, judging by a piece he wrote on the weekend about the alleged Snapchat deal, under the headline “Snap Out of It: Kids Aren’t Reliable Tech Predictors.” Manjoo, who recently joined the Journal from Slate, argues that younger users are a poor barometer for value in technology, because they are often wrong about what is going to be “the…

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