When eBay(s ebay) announced last month it was buying Braintree, the idea was to give PayPal’s mobile developer program a shot in the arm – to make PayPal more relevant to the growing number of mobile commerce and collaborative consumption businesses breaking new ground on the smartphone. Well it turns out PayPal’s developer program wasn’t doing half bad on its own. It revealed on Monday that Silicon Valley’s car-hailing darling Uber is its newest payments partner.

Starting today Uber riders in the U.S., France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands will have the option of paying their fares with PayPal. Until now Uber payments could only be charged to a credit cards – transactions that in the U.S. at least are processed by Braintree.

PayPal mobile app walletThat not only gives PayPal’s legions of customers an easier way to activate Uber services, but also opens up Uber to a much broader range of riders…

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