Pinterest is coming of age and marketing firms are gathering to preach Pinterest marketing gospel. The site is an unusual beast: a mix of image-focused design (like Instagram), founded on a social-follower premise (like Twitter), but has since shifted to search-driven results (like Google). Making the most of the site’s reach takes more than just a promoted pin — brands need a marketing strategy that taps into all of Pinterest’s qualities.

Ahalogy is one marketing firm that aims to provide it. Its president, Bob Gilbreath, outlined the advertising strategy it uses with brands like Proctor & Gamble, Kraft and Nespresso. It’s a mix of tracking pin virality, sponsoring external pin-happy blogs, using search engine optimization technology and promoting pins when a little extra boost could go a long way for sharing.

Pinterest is already fueled by the Internet’s content creators — legions of food bloggers, hair stylists, fashionistas, and other hobbyists and craftmakers who populate…

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