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Musings from the Chiefio

I’m going to be On The Road Again, for a while. Expect things to be sparse and terse.

I’ll still be checking in, but any postings will be fewer and shorter.

Why? Because I’m moving into the spare room of my Florida Friend and the Chromebox doesn’t have a screen. I’ve been using the second TV in my rental cottage here in Florida, and it does not move with me. So no big screen, no large keyboard, no fast typing rate (the Note notepad has significant key lag as it spends time looking up word fragments in the dictionary instead of just taking the keystrokes; so my usually very fast touch typing becomes slow as “almost hunt and peck” as I have to wait for each keystroke to be processed… maybe I’ll look for a way to turn off word lookup…)

As of now, everything is packed and I’m just…

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