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One of the first things you learn on your SEM journey is the importance of a great Ad Copy. As a writer, no, let me rephrase, as someone who loves writing, I smugly assumed I would be good at it.


I wasn’t.

In fact, I pretty much suck at it. Writing an informative, clever, funny ad copy is a gift. A gift I clearly do not have at this moment. The good thing, is like all talents, it can be developed. So here I am, an amateur copywriter, trying to find the best way to get my message across.

The character count for ads in Google adwords – challenges, frustrates and angers me, all at the same time. I plug on knowing the more I aim to master the 25*35*35 limit set up by Google, the closer I am to understanding a fundamental concept in adwords.

In a recent conversation with a…

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