Digital Media Marketing Is Not A Choice Anymore

Businesses stopped having a choice, a long time back, on whether to adopt digital media marketing or go on with conventional marketing a long time back. It is either digital marketeer or an extinct marketeer.  To understand the importance of digital marketing, let’s understand what the world of business looked like prior to the advent of digital marketing. Rather than giving you stats like how many internet/ Facebook/Twitter/ Quora users we have, which are there in abundance on internet, I’ll give you an insight on what you can do with that information for your business.

A Glimpse Into Conventional Marketing

A generation ago, prior to the invasion of computers and mobile devices, our experiences were limited to the offline world. Marketing was all about advertisements in magazines, newspapers, mailings, telemarketing, radio, billboards and television. It is rightly called ‘interruption’ marketing. If you…

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