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Logo-google-adwordsWritten by Ben Bradshaw, CEO of SponsoredLinX

As an owner of an SME, I’ve come to terms with a series of guidelines I like to manage myself and my business by. The most important of them all is ‘to never stop learning’ – to ensure my business continues to grow, generates revenue and heads in the direction I want it to. I am a life-long learner and I encourage any business owner or employee wanting to exceed in their career to do the same. Through inclusive collaboration of our skills and expertise, we can help our businesses to be successful. Importantly, a prosperous business strategy must be underpinned by a strategic online marketing plan and, the best way to support such a plan is through utilising Google AdWords.

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There are many sources of information available online, and this post sets out some simple steps on how to start your AdWords…

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