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You’ve found a huge accomplice in crime in crime to control your paid search advertising campaigns. What now? Columnist Pauline Jakober explains how to profit off upon the right foot taking into consideration your PPC agency.

You’re a B2B company, and just you hired a paid search agency. What should you expect next? If you’re not prepared to answer that question, there’s probably already something missing.  A good PPC agency will take you through multiple steps leading up to the big launch of a new online advertising program. You should know what to expect each step of the way.  In this post, we’ll look at some ways you can vet a PPC agency by understanding the process that goes into a well-organized paid search engagement, from ink to launch. Kick-Off Meeting(s) & Onboarding  Every PPC agency will have its own onboarding process for new clients, so how it plays out is custom to the agency itself. However, ensuring a process exists is crucial. If your paid search service provider doesn’t do anything discussed in this section, you may be in for a rocky ride.  The kick-off meeting or meetings, is a crucial time for the agency to get to know the business in depth (beyond the initial sales calls), and for the client to understand how the agency works.                                                                                    PPC

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