There are two new comers from nowhere appear at my feeding area in Hougang.
Let me introduce Thunder, a white cat with grey patches.


He gets along well with Beauty. Beauty was usually with Snowy. Snowy is no longer around and I am glad that Thurder is getting along very well with Beauty.
Thunder, like Beauty, does not get close to humans.
The little grey cat below whom I named him Blurry always appears in front of me when I was about to leave.


I can see his blur face walking slowly towards me and looking sleepy and hungry. He didn’t allow me to go near him during the first few days. Today he rubbed my leg.
I am glad that both cats are sterilised.
Currently, I am feeding at least eight cats at Hougang and at least twenty-five cats at Jalan Tenteram.
Luckily Mel is sponsoring the cats’ food…

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