30 something and learning to live

So personally today has been pretty slow, no gym visits (I’m going tomorrow though) after going 2 days in a row after no gym for ages I deserve a rest.  However I was at college all day and had a pretty busy day, if you follow my other 2 blogs that are tracking my progress on the projects you’ll see both got an update today.  I think the most amusing part of today was spending most of the afternoon designing a poster, the main element of which was a bacon sarnie!

Teaser Campaign Poster

What do you think, really is a great sarnie imho but then I love brown sauce with bacon, its one of the reasons I’m hesitating in becoming a vegetarian.

So I had lunch at college today (I know shock horror) and had a nice tuna salad box, it cost just £2.00 and was only 195 calories, which means I…

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